Ascending Wisdom



Now you’re on this page, if you haven’t realised it already, your Soul is guiding you to start, continue and/or enhance your Spiritual wellbeing.

This is VERY exciting for you and We trust you are feeling it.

Ascending Wisdom was founded by Nicola Farmer, Universal Spiritual Consultant, many years ago.

Nicola is an experienced and an accomplished Universal Spiritual Communicator, Guide, Teacher & Healer.

She works with many people in the UK and Abroad, assisting them to reach their potential on multiple levels of their consciousness.

She says that everything she shares during her communications, guidance, teaching and healing are purely a facilitation for people to self heal.

Nicola is a Heart Centred Being and along with her Spirt Team she holds a space of love for people to feel comfortable and excited about their journey.

There are many opportunities on this website to find what you may feel comfortable with.

Please browse the pages and when you Soul gives you the heads up on what is right for you, please visit the CONTACT page and make that call, we are waiting for you.