Ascending Wisdom


What Are Codes of Light?

Nicola has been able to speak light language for several years and recently began to write/draw codes that represent the language.

It began when she was guided to translate some writing from English into Light Language. This guidance came as a surprise as she had never experienced this. As she quickly scanned the writing the words became symbols and as she then scanned the symbols she began to speak in light language.

This experience altered Nicola’s frequency and she then began to attune to people and draw their personal and unique Code of Light. This then progressed to other codes such as colours, Archangels and many other forms of energy. Below is an example of ‘The Codes’.

The purpose of these codes is a vibrational tool to assist in MANY ways. They can be used for healing, vibrational journeying, meditation, past life journeying and healing and what ever your Soul guides you to experience for your highest good. There is no specific interpretation of the codes, they are pure vibration and work on multiple levels of your light body (Aura) and Human Body. Each time the codes are used you may have very different experiences.

Nicola is now in a position to offer this as a personal and unique service, where she can attune to your energy and create your Personal Light Code. By placing your order you are giving your permission to Nicola to connect with your Energy so she can transcribe your frequency into a code.


You may also like to commission a Code of Light for your beloved Pet.





Nicola has also created a deck of Light Code Ascension Cards, to find out more and to purchase them please click on the image below and it will take you to the page.



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