Ascending Wisdom

Colour Codes

Your cards numbered 1 – 7 hold an energetic vibrational code for Colours


Colours also have a human meaning as you will see below, the following gives you a brief description.


RED – Increases Physical Energy, Vitality, Stamina, Grounding, Spontaneity, Stability, Passion

ORANGE – Stimulates Creativity, Productivity, Pleasure, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Emotional Expression

YELLOW – Increases Fun, Humour, Lightness, Personal Power, Intellect, Logic, Creativity

GREEN – Supports Balance, Harmony, Love, Social, Nature, Acceptance 

BLUE – Increases Communication, Calmness, Peace, Honesty, Kindness

INDIGO – Increases Love, Truth, Inner Peace, Emotional Depth, Devotion, Vision

VIOLET – Stimulates Intuition, Imagination, Universal Flow, Meditation, Artistic Qualities


There are may other descriptions on the internet regarding the meanings and uses of colours should you wish to know more.