Ascending Wisdom

Crystal Creations


On this page you will see some of the Crystal Creations by Nicola Farmer.

The Grids are lovingly created using various crystals, each of which as their own unique purpose. Placing them on copper brings a whole new energy as copper is a magnifier and will work with the crystals to emanate an enhanced energy.

Copper is known as the lucky metal and a healing metal, but supplies are diminishing rapidly. Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the Spirit. It is a ‘Divine’ metal and any stone with copper, in or around it, is said to have enhanced properties.

The following are some of the areas that copper can support;

The Flow of Energy – Inner-Vision – Communication – Self-Esteem – Psychic Energy – Love

Kindness – Gentleness – Enjoyment –  Intuition – Vitality – Initiative – Optimism

The following are some challenges that copper can assist with;

Cramps – Arthritis – Circulation of Blood – Detoxification – Inflammation – Metabolism

The copper and crystals together create a beautiful energy, that has the potential to assist you in many areas of your life.

As soon as alignment with your Grid has taken place (this will happen naturally) a choice can be made how it may assist. When the Grid has been activated and attuned to its Guardian it will also assist on many levels of consciousness. The Grid is intelligent and will know what is needed for the highest good, therefore its purpose may change, its energy will adjust accordingly. As soon as the Grid is activated the copper and crystals will work in absolute harmony and will vibrate at completely different frequencies to their individual ones. For optimum benefit, it is best placed under your bed, so its energy can be shared whilst you are resting and/or sleeping, although you can use it anywhere.

Nicola looks forward to creating your Grid and connecting with you




Each of these Grids are made and attuned to order, the financial investment starts from £40.

Crystal Supplier – Christal Spraggon – Christal Gems – 01245 323 132 – 07443 568 400