Ascending Wisdom

Crystalline Healing

Crystalline Healing is also known as Metatron’s Sacred Geometry or The Flower of Life; the constant fluid motion of the geometric templates align during the healing process and enhance the evolving “spirit matter” of the body, transforming the molecular structure of the physical form. What distinguishes Crystalline Healing from other healing techniques is the spinning vortex of light. By entering into an altered state of awareness, during a session divine light is accessed in the higher dimensions, drawing Divine Energy, not attainable by most healers yet.

Having entered this altered state of awareness and channelled Divine Light into the Sacred Geometry of the hands, the Crystalline healing system infuses into the physical form and lifts out denseness deep within the cells of the body. By preparing the body for transformation, the Crystalline healing then replace Divine life force into the depleted cells; birthing new, healthy ones.

Crystalline is a Healing energy that makes use of touch and visualisation to access the Divine life force to help restore health and vitality. Hands are placed intuitively on areas of the body in order to balance the energy of the mind, body and soul. This also cleanses and balances the Chakra system. Crystalline Energy Healing does not involve codes or symbols, but instead is a more advanced, pure High Frequency Divine Energy.

Illness occurs when the flow of Chi (energy) becomes blocked or unbalanced in the body. This in turn creates pain or illness having been caused by an obstruction in the normal flow of Chi or life force. Stress and anxiety can also cause imbalances in the flow of Chi, manifesting in physical pain and illness in the body.

Each session is unique for everyone; results can be varied, but can include an energetic and emotional release which helps release any pain and energetic blocks held in the body. Keeping the body’s energy balanced is the key to maintaining good health. A combination of sessions allows me to help the client to re-balance energy in the body, resulting in a greater sense of energy and well-being.


Crystalline Healing is a unique technique and not attainable by all healers at this time. It is not a replacement for Medical Treatment ALWAYS consult a Doctor regarding your medical condition.

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