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Etheric Energy Healing

What is Etheric Energy Healing? It is a form of healing where my Etheric Body works with yours to help heal emotional and physical pain.  A session begins with an in-depth discussion regarding the physical symptoms so that the potential psycho-emotional stress influences can be looked at too.

Once this discussion has taken place a commitment has been made by you to want to improve your wellbeing. Then a practical session is carried out where I access you Etheric Energy Field to initiate changes with your intuitive voice.

Following the practical session an appraisal of the treatment is held, to determine what you have experienced and where you feel the changes have occurred.

The following information should help you to understand what, how, where and when your Etheric Energy/Body plays such an important role.

The Etheric Body is also known as the Energetic Blueprint of our Physical Body. The greater function of the Etheric Body is to consider its vibrational placement within the Auric Fields.

In its vital position it acts not only as a Blueprint but it also absorbs harmful toxins given off by our tired, anxious and/or harmful feelings and thoughts of the emotional and mental auras. This then ensures the purest essential forces for our Physical Bodies wellbeing.

Etheric Body frequencies move in a cyclical motion compared to the oscillating movements of our other Auric fields. This can be likened to the spin cycle of a washing machine. Perceptively its essence can be seen or sensed as light and as a vapour, often giving off a cool vibration.

Auric Field


The Etheric Layer or Etheric Body
The Etheric layer is the first layer of the aura and spans ½ inch to 2 inches from the surface of the skin, outlining the body. This field of energy connects primarily with the first chakra, our organs, glands and meridians, and relates to the condition and health of the physical body.

The Emotional Layer or Emotional Body
The second aura layer is called the Emotional Layer and extends two to four inches away from the physical body encircling it in the shape of an oval. This layer is primarily connected to the second chakra, feelings, emotions and experience. It is constantly in a state of change, reflective of our current mood. This layer also stores unsettled emotions such as fear, resentment, and loneliness.
The energies present in the second aura layer will communicate with the first layer, and then process this information into the physical body. Physical tension, muscle cramps and upset stomach could be a result of the Etheric (first) layer being bombarded by emotional pain residing in the second aura layer.

The Mental Layer or Mental Body
The third aura layer is the Mental Layer. Its extension is four to eight inches from the physical body. This layer is connected to the third chakra, our consciousness, ideas, logical processes, belief systems and intellect. In this layer, thoughts and ideas are rationalized and validated. Mental health and mental issues present themselves in this aura layer.
The human aura can be described as a hazy bubble of light that surrounds your Physical Body from head to toe. An aura has multiple layers that interact and relay information between the body through its seven chakra energy centres, and the immediate external environment.

Each layer of the aura relates to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions of an individual. Energetic vibrations of a person’s thoughts, feelings, and state of health, awareness, and past experiences are stored in the different aura layers.

Aura layers are also referred to as “Auric layers” or “subtle bodies”. There are seven Auric layers that are commonly witnessed. The outermost layer of an aura’s energy field extends anywhere from five to seven feet from the physical body, with the range of its extension dependent upon the overall health and well-being of an individual.

For those unable to see auras, when one aura field is interacting with another, it can be intuitively described as having a clear feeling that someone is in the proximity of their “personal space”.

This treatment can be accessed by everyone and also works very well with other healing methods i.e. Reiki and Crystalline Healing.


Etheric Energy Healing is not a replacement for Medical Treatment

ALWAYS consult a Doctor regarding your medical condition

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