Ascending Wisdom


Some call Inspired Writing channelling, insightful messages, trans-mediumship or higher guidance. The writings shared in the following pages were communicated through my team of guides (Collective Consciousness) and are given to those who feel the love, wisdom and energy within the words.

There is an urgency throughout our world to become more aware of our potential and spiritual purpose during this lifetime. It is the intention of the Collective Consciousness that we ALL become inspired to live in our hearts and recognise the Spirit within and the energy that surrounds us with LOVE.

Please use your own sensitivity when reading the Inspired Writing and receive what is of value and resonates deep within your heart, from the love of Spirit.

© All Rights Reserved. Inspired Writing is to offer information for Spiritual Guidance in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. Reproduction of this material is not allowed without written permission from the author.