Ascending Wisdom


This page is dedicated to reviews by people who have experienced the Light Code Ascension Cards


JF – April 2020 – UK

As my eyes closed everything disappeared from my vision, except the image of the code……….

ER – April 2020 – UK

Okay so this might be a fluke but..I put some cards under A’s (daughter) pillow, she had a bacterial infection in her mouth when we was on holiday in February they were like little white ulcer sores on her tongue and mouth. Well it came back a couple of weeks ago and I spoke to my holistic dentist. They recommended gargling with essential oils and giving her vitamin c, vitamin d etc., I was doing that, it seem to get a bit worse yesterday so I was thinking is this working? Last night I had thought intention and used the ‘cards’, first card was 36 and the message was keep going you’re doing the right thing then I took another card it was ascension card 55. So I put them under her pillow with the intention to heal, when I checked this morning it’s gone down a lot 😯🤯 I ain’t got a clue how to use these cards I’m being guided xx

ER – April 2020 – UK

As soon as I saw the code I could feel an immense energy, the code changed then the card went blank with a sparkly blue mist, I felt like I was in the card the night sky was so perfect with the flashing stars and planets. The Connection I felt was nothing like I felt before and has opened up my awareness and strengthened my connection. I am very excited to work with these cards further and would highly recommend them.

JLH – April 2020 – UK

Nicola Farmer’s light code ascension cards are a must have  for any lightworker or “seeker”. They are a unique powerful tool helping us to connect  in a practical way to the complexities and energies of the cosmos, a gift for the individual and for humanity. Nicola Farmer has painstakingly and lovingly produced a remarkable set of beautiful cards that provide a portal to the mysteries of the universe and the timing is perfect when ascension is of paramount importance for the Earth and humanity right now! None of us should ignore this opportunity to enjoy these gifts from Heaven, both the cards and Nicola Farmer’s God sent wisdom . Thank you Nicola a truly compassionate, powerful  universal spiritual
consultant! Blessings love and sincere thanks 🙏😇💕

CS – April 2020 – UK

This video was recorded by a lady who wanted to share her experience with the Cards

JI – April 2020 – UK

Thank you so much for my Light Code Ascension Cards, I could feel the energy in the cards even before I took them out of the box.  The experience so far has been energetic and healing, when I used the AA Raphael card, I didn’t just sense Raphael but two other Archangels, a Seraph and God all doing healing at the same time, a very powerful experience!

SW – April 2020 – GERMANY

Unique and powerful! I’ve used the cards during one of my workshops and the energy they brought into it was healing.💛

OB & NB – April 2020 – UK

The following video is by a 9 year old who used the Cards.

LW – May 2020 – UK

Just want to say how amazing your cards are. They have an energy and vibration that is so powerful and beautiful. Love them. I got them the other day and the very first time I used them was simply stunning. After a 10min meditation holding the pack to my heart, I started to shuffle them. As I asked for a card for my highest good and the creators love, a card sprung out. I then choose an amplyfing card and began to stare in the first card with the record as support. I was pulled into the card feeling the energy and love. I saw a staircase and path as well as an alien. It was beautiful.

After a while of working with the cards I realised I didn’t know what the cards were. The first was no 6 – Indigo. Wow! The is the project name of the project I am working on currently. Dumbfounded! The other card was stablization which is perfect for me to perform my job as well as have within my life and spiritually too.

A couple of days later I returned the cards to the pack and reshuffled. I was in awe when another card jumped out of the pack only to be Indigo again.

These are are like no other cards; these are truly amazing and I love them. Thank you for sharing these with us.