Ascending Wisdom


Nicola Farmer

Universal Spiritual Consultant

Ascending Wisdom and ICU Academy Founder

Nicola is a Psychic, Spirit & Trance Medium; Teacher of Higher Consciousness for Adults, Teenagers & Children; Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Speaker and Counsellor; Spiritual Course and Energy Tool Creator; Communicator & Channel for Ancient Druid & Light Language, Light Coding and Sound Healing; Facilitator of Healing, Healing Instructor & Healing Modality Creator; Human, Spirit and Property Harmonizer.

Nicola shares her knowledge and gifts for multiple purposes from a heart centred space. Her passion drives her to assist humanity with Spiritual Awakening, Awareness and Alignment, carving paths through life towards the Light for present and future generations. She successfully draws upon her intuition, innate wisdom, life experiences and the guidance of multiple Light Beings to assist many people around the world. She is in full flow of creation and will strive to support and guide Humanity along a path of Love, Peace and Unity, facilitating the cascade of changes needed, in whatever capacity she can, into Health, Happiness and Oneness.

Nicola’s Story

My spiritual journey has been a phenomenal part of my life as well as meeting my husband. I am grateful and feel privileged to have been guided and taught by some amazing tutors who have helped me, along with Spirit, to become who I am today. my experiences have enabled me to love and be my self, in my heart, which has been achieved by believing and trusting in Spirit and myself.

The key is to never stop learning and remembering.

Many situations and experiences in my life have contributed and guided me on a remarkable journey. I have been gifted astonishing opportunities and openings towards becoming spiritually aware and have encountered many lessons in life, offering valuable gifts to harness and share.

My journey began following a long period with CFS, I became a Reiki Practitioner/Master and began to work with people with similar experiences and backgrounds. My psychic/mediumistic, healing and teaching abilities began to awaken and develop and I knew that I was about to embark upon a mission to assist Humanity.

I initiated a journey of the heart, travelled to Arizona to take a workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek and later became one of his teachers of ‘Awakening The Illuminated Heart’. This work takes you on a journey into your Heart and Oneness, activating the Merkaba Light Body, taking steps towards Ascension and moving into Higher Consciousness.

I continued to spend many years gaining knowledge and experiences in numerous spiritual practices, with and from some amazing people. I feel privileged to have travelled to various countries to learn and add to my ever-growing portfolio of skills and have developed my own spiritual Brand and ‘Practice’ along the way.

I love every aspect of my ‘work’ and the many gifts and skills I have developed and I feel blessed to share them here in the UK, I am also very grateful to have had opportunities to to share my work in other countries around this wonderful Planet. My ‘work’ includes counselling people through difficult times in their life with guidance and various forms of communication. Facilitating healing and self-empowerment with an assortment of therapies and healing modalities. Teaching and sharing knowledge to encourage enlightenment and growth for people in multiple ways. Most of all I love having the opportunity to interact with adults, teenagers and children with all these modalities.


Nicola’s Philosophy

‘As Lightworkers our role is to enlighten other souls in order to help them move into an emotional and physical place where they can function from their hearts.

Your own trust and belief system must be unconditional and all that you do must come from your heart without detriment to any other living creature, including yourself.

We are all unique and our purpose in life must be fulfilled in accordance to our soul contract. Find your purpose and enhance your life, knowing that all that you do is for the greater good of all’.

Nicola’s Certificated To Teach and/or Practice the Following;

Awakening The Illuminated Heart

ICU Teacher

Angel Mentoring

Magnified Healing/Teaching

Reiki Level I

Reiki Level II

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Templar Degree

Psychic Healing

Crystal Healing

Egyptian Cartouch Healing

Meditation Teacher Training

Diploma In Psychic Development


Past Life Regression Therapist


Facilitator of The Journey Into The Heart & Ascension

ICU Teaching For Children & Adults

Spiritual Awareness/Development Teacher

Workshop Development and Facilitator

Psychic & Spirit Readings

1:1 or Group Readings

Spirit, Soul, Angel and Transfiguration Readings

Platform Mediumship

Spiritual Assessments

Spiritual Counseling

Channeled Sound Healing

Trance Communication and Channeling

Communicator of Light Language

Entity and Energy Clearing – Personal or Establishment

Healing – Reiki, Psychic, Crystal, Energy, Sound, VN


Past Life Regression

Paranormal Investigations

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