Ascending Wisdom

Physical & Energetic Clearing

What is Physical & Energetic Clearing? This healing modality is for people who are finding it challenging to live a normal/natural life. Many people today are carrying energy that is hindering their ability to function and have physical, emotional and mental symptoms that have no medical diagnosis and are inexplicable.

Abnormal energies can develop internally or come from an external source, which appear to be all consuming and begin to control life.

The symptoms of having abnormal energy can vary enormously, but some of the common signs are;

Unable to hold eye contact with people

Feeling as though there’s no control over yourself

Unexplained Illnesses



Not being able to think clearly



Not sleeping well

A feeling that your thoughts are not your own

Voices in your head

Tiredness – Exhaustion

Mental Illness

Unexplained Accidents

Of course these symptoms and many others can be due to external factors and medical advice should always be sought.

With the assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters this sacred clearing and cleansing modality is very powerful and has to potential to have instant results. The session can take up to two hours and is very different to many other types of healing.

You may have some questions regarding Physical & Energetic Clearing or want to make a booking, if so please call

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