Ascending Wisdom



Nicola is an experienced Trance Medium and has been channeling the voices of Spirit for a number of years. She then discovered one day that she was able to make toning sounds with her voice, which she then began to experiment with this whilst in an Altered State of Consciousness.

The toning became stronger and stronger, with sounds ranging between 2-3 octaves and then on one particular occasion she began to speak in a language that had not been heard by the people who were sitting with her. It was discovered that she was now channeling LIGHT LANGUAGE.

Since this time the Light Language has become more varied, incorporating various sounds and speeds of speech. It has been reported by people who have been in the presence of this language, that they do not know how it is possible for the language to come out of an human being at such speed.

LIGHT LANGUAGE is a universal form of communication that is not only heard but is also an experience for all your senses. It speaks directly to the heart of the human and is interpreted by your Soul.

It is a frequency and an expression of Sacred Geometry that is capable of taking you into higher states of Divine Consciousness and Universal Teachings that promote peace, relaxation, deep healing, self-actualization, and elevated awareness.

Nicola was guided to channel Light Language as a form of healing, which sometimes includes Sound Healing (voice toning). A session is carried out in a quiet and comfortable environment, with the recipient sitting in a chair or lying down on a couch. Nicola then moves her awareness into an altered state of consciousness (trance) and becomes a channel for this multidimensional healing. As the recipient of this amazing form of healing you will be asked to participate, which may vary from person to person.

This method of healing is not a replacement for Medical Treatment

ALWAYS consult a Doctor regarding your medical condition

If you feel this type of healing may benefit you then please contact Nicola Farmer for more information and to book your appointment.

+44 7531 264 859