Ascending Wisdom


What is Spiritual Counselling? Everything in our lives is constantly changing including our belief systems. This once gave people a sense of certainty and security and is now constantly being tested. This not only affects society but especially the life of individuals. People experience testing times for a variety of reasons, including conflict with beliefs of their childhood and family, personal traumas such as suffering and grief, stress in work and home life and not understanding life itself. All of which result in emotional problems causing us to feel stress, low self-confidence and self-esteem. These negative feelings can leave us with feelings of guilt, shame, blame and inadequacy requiring us to find answers and the need to recover inner peace. These are just a few of the scenarios where spiritual counselling can be helpful to finding your way again. There are many more.

Spiritual Counselling will enable you to move forward on your life journey, look at opportunities in a different light and assist you in rebuilding your confidence and ultimately your life.

Using my intuitive abilities enables me to work with you and to look at your life in the past and the present, enabling emotional and physical blockages to be released.

You may have some questions regarding Spiritual Counselling or would like to make a booking, if so please call

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