Ascending Wisdom



“Through Nicola I could sense my mums presence” Yvonne

Nicola is an incredibly talented light worker! Her talents are truly outstanding and more broad and deep than that of any other individual I’'ve encountered or worked with. My more direct experience of Nicolas talents was during a sitting with her when I asked if she could give evidence of my mums survival after her death. What Nicola gave me was so much more than the usual "evidence". After Nicola had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had connected with my mum she then went on to share details of my mums soul plan and how it connected with my own. Fact after fact about my mums life came tumbling out! I would have been delighted if she'd left it there but Nicola then went on to give soul plan context for the key milestones in my mums life. Through Nicola I could sense my mums presence and also understand why her life and mine had taken certain paths. I will be forever grateful to Nicola for the comfort that she gave me. This is just one aspect of Nicolas work though! Like a diamond Nicolas work has so many facets! Nicola has a big heart and I believe that she's on our planet at this point in time to help us through these times of change and to ascend. Thank you for everything. xx

Amanda Ward

“A wonderful place with beautiful souls” by Amanda Ward

Just received a beautiful meditation this morning. I have been able to find my direction again in this life through Nicola's help and my determination and of course LOVE. A wonderful place with beautiful souls. Thank you xXx

Deborah Shine

“I have learnt so much” by Deborah Shine

What can I say about Nicola ...... A beautiful soul and amazing teacher. I have learnt soooo much the last few months and can't wait for every other Tuesday so see what exciting stuff she has in store for us. Pushes us to our limits but boy is it worth it. Love you Nic 😇😘

Kristin Lange Kledal

“This experience has change my life” by Kristin Kledal

This experience has change my life, and I will be forever grateful. Being a ICU teacher is a dream come true. It is a true gift to be able to facilitate a process and create a space for children, so they can use all their potential and be true to Themselves. The 4 days of training was a perfectly balanced mix between bringing out, and experience trough my inner child and working with children and the other students.

Victoria Leach

“I am so excited about the future” by Victoria Leach

I've known Nicola for nearly 3 years now & I went to her as I was struggling with grief that I'd held onto for 16 years. I had also been suffering stress in my job & everything had got on top of me. I can't begin to say how she has helped me turn my life around. Instead of feeling fear & worrying about absolutely everything I now feel normal for the first time in my life & I am so excited about the future which I never thought was possible. Nicola is an amazing & loving human being & I am so grateful for meeting her. I can't recommend her highly enough - Vicky x💖X

Eileen Smith

“always a challenge (in a good way)” by Eileen Smith

Nicola is a wonderful spiritual teacher and medium! Her knowledge and guidance are never ending she is always available to talk and answer any questions. I did my Reiki level II with Nicola which was really enjoyable and excelled my expectations. Her meditation group is lovely always a challenge (in a good way) I always come away feeling relaxed with more understanding of how the universe works.

Zoe Spears

“guiding and supporting people” by Zoe Spears

Nicola is a wonderful woman full of love!... Since meeting Nicola my confidence and intuition is much clearer, she has an amazing personality and is wonderful at guiding and supporting people so they can reach their full potential and live the life that's true to them ....xXx

Emily Teague

“inspiring & uplifting teacher” by Emily Teague

Nicola is an inspiring & uplifting teacher that you can just cant wait to be around. She shares her abundance of knowledge engagingly & generously. She genuinely wants to see her students & clients fulfil their potential. 
Her luminous presence brings joy, love & laughter to all of the work that she does. 

Angela Andrade

“very gifted teacher, healer & psychic medium ” by Angela Andrade

Nicola is a very gifted teacher, healer & psychic medium who delivers her guidance with humor, honesty and absolute unconditional love. I am eternally grateful for being guided to such an inspiring and amazing women, who has guided and supported me with such inspiring wisdom and generosity of her time and love.