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The Perpetual Light of Man

The Perpetual Light of Man ©

Written by Nicola Farmer & The Collective Consciousness – 16.1.12

Man has lived for eons on the everlasting love of God. He has moved to the brink of darkness and to the edge of the light and has no real purpose or place in your world. He has evolved in the darkness of the day and grown in slow motion for too long. The darkness has blinded man from the true spiritual purpose of the great love of God. He has evolved in the dark where there is no feeling or love for the pure creation of each of his fellow workers. The work of man has become the illusion of what are thoughts in the almighty structure in the world of need. The needs of man have been lost amongst the reality and development of many material aspects of the world that is now drowning in technology.

Man has the ability to create great strength without the technology or materialistic greatness that has now become part of everyday life. The brain of man has the capacity to produce great masterpieces and be the master of all, but it has been manipulated into thinking that without technology and the greatness of science, that if cannot function. Man was created with the knowledge of much wisdom and imagination but it has been lost to the Universe as it has become dormant to the slave of being told that they cannot live without the greatness of power.

The Universe has worked with the Almighty Power of One for many eons in time and there is no greater time than now. What man sees is not what man feels, for the very essence of the feeling cannot be lost or overridden. The feelings of man are unique to each and no two people can achieve the same outcome from one situation or feeling. The mass hysteria that adorns your world when we create a situation where there is destruction or disaster is the purely collective mass of many individual feelings. There can be a similarity in the mass but the collective when broken down becomes one unique feeling after another. You all have the ability to laugh and cry and you all have the ability to make others laugh and cry and yet no two of you are the same.

What sets you apart from each other is the inherent blueprint that you were created with, just as there is a fingerprint of different between you all there is a vast cavern of differences between man and man. You have created the image of man with one single vision and then you have collectively labelled yourselves into groups and sects. The need of man to be the same has also created a oneness that has been seen and listened to for much time. Your collective groups have the ability to move mountains but you are all trying to move the same mountain at the same time. A mountain can only be moved from one mind not a collection of minds that pull in different directions.

The need to act accordingly is nothing new to your world, there has always been the collective thought of man and until now is has pulled in many different directions. Hence the difference of mans perception and need to create the hierarchy and the need to rule over fellow man. No man is better that his neighbour and no man has greater of lesser power than his fellow man. The needs of man have evolved through time and these needs have divided and separated the individual to achieve one’s own needs and desires. There has always been light in man and this light has shone and dimmed according to the love and destruction that happens amongst your people. The light can never be extinguished for it is the Universal right of man’s light to shine for eternity.

The request of man is to recognise his own ability to shine, this is without the need to prove himself, to be the best at everything or to have the best of everything. The true light of man shines from the heart. The love that emanates causes the light that can create a oneness like no other. Love is the very essence that can truly unite man as one. Love is the creation of all that is. It will and has to be the only feeling that man knows is equal to man. Love unites the world that you live in and will take your world, quietly by the hand and move the greatness into the hands of God.

The perpetual light of man will come from his heart, create one light that will illuminate the Universe and create the most powerful energy known to Man, The power of Love.

God Bless

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