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What is Trance Communication? Trance like so many other forms of spirit communication, it is when spirit links with a medium and exerts various degrees of control, or overshadows the consciousness of the medium to a greater or lesser degree. This varies, depending upon the intent and conditions of communication, as well as the ability of the medium to lend himself or herself to be overshadowed or controlled.

Trance is considered the strongest degree of control. Yet, even here, there are various degrees of trance control: from light trance to very deep trance. Deep trance is used primarily in physical mediumship.

Genuine trance is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the spirit communicator. There is generally — although not always — manifested, within the medium, the following:

A slowing of the heart rate.

A slow, deep, and steady breathing pattern.

Altered brain waves

No rapid eye movement, or REM.

A lowering of body temperature.

A greatly reduced reaction to touch and pain.

Various degrees of unconsciousness/altered states of consciousness.

Furthermore, because in the trance condition the spirit communicator is speaking directly through the consciousness of the medium — rather than the medium relating what is being mentally given to him or her — the voice pattern, inflection, and general manner of speech differ from that normally exhibited by the medium.

Mediumistic control means a sharing of mental and physical energies between the medium and spirit communicator or operator. Control signifies a telepathic rapport between the two. How strongly en rapport they are determines the degree of control. Control can range from inspired thought, to conscious control, to light trance, to deep trance, to very deep trance. It all depends upon the work at hand and the mental and physical energies available to the spirit communicator or operator.

With all this in mind, how can this work for you?

Guidance from a Consciousness/Spirit through a medium, is interpreted by the medium and may be subject to his/her understanding of what is being said. When the medium goes into an altered state, Consciousness/Spirit speak directly to the recipient.

You may have some questions regarding this Trance Communication, if so please call

Nicola Farmer 

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Trance Communication can only be carried out in person.


With effect from 1st April 2008 the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2007 (CPR’s) which implement the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD), came into force.

Sometimes during a reading, the information that is given to you may not be immediately identifiable. If this happens, I suggest that where appropriate, you afterwards make enquiries with family and if need be friends, as it may only be after discussion with them, that additional information might come to light, that you, the recipient may not have previously known during the time of the reading. Or, because our memories are not always as quick and as accurate as we might like, it is possible, you won’t recognise the information provided until a later date.

Although part of the reading I give you may contain spiritual advice and guidance, or advice and guidance about personal and private matters, I would like to make it clear that it is only advice and/or guidance. As the recipient of the reading you are personally responsible for any decisions you make as a result of the information given.