Ascending Wisdom



There are many options on here for you to choose from, which type of communication makes you heart beat a little faster?

Various types of readings are available to enable you to receive whatever you may need in life today.

Nicola has the ability to adapt and even combine different modes of reading that would be unique for you.

One of the most common questions, what is the difference between a medium and a psychic? Well, rightly or wrongly, the term “psychic” is a universally accepted ‘catch all phrase’ for everyone who works in the paranormal.

A medium is someone that is a psychic but can also communicate and interface with the spirit world – those who have gone before us but are now residing in a different dimension. A medium is able to feel and / or hear the thoughts, voices or mental impressions communicated to them, from the spirit world. A little like a radio receives various radio broadcasts… something that is all around us, but not apparent until we ‘tune’ our radio into the correct frequency. As such, a medium is able to become completely receptive to the higher frequency or energies on which those in the world of spirit people vibrate.

A Psychic is someone who has the ability to link with the recipient and give them information about their current and past life and situations.