Ascending Wisdom



Written by Nicola Farmer & The Collective Consciousness – Macchu Picchu 11.11.11

The elements of the Mother bring many changes within the light of day and the dark of night. The wind blows from the east and brings the rains that cleanse, the sun shines in the west being chased by the wind and in between there is the peace and calm that anticipation holds the very breath in the palm of the Mothers hand.

The mountain speaks of many wondrous times, the majestic peaks pointing to the Father, reaching up higher and higher to the sun where the energy of all life can be felt and is given. The peaks hold the key that open the door to the heavens and points the way to the everlasting life after life.

From the earth we grow upwards like the mountains reaching many milestones and overcoming many tribulations on that journey of life. The peak of the mountain is the pinnacle of achievement, where no brother or sister can say that there is no beauty in the world around. This high point of the world represents the many aspects of the climb to reach the heights of all creation.

When we return to the earth we return to the Mother, for she is the giver of all life and the receiver. The love of the Mother is like no other. The purity and unity of her love is boundless, she creates the world with unconditional love and her power is beyond all comprehension. She giveth and she taketh and yet she asks for nothing. Respecting the Mother with love and compassion is the ultimate way to show her respect. Her creations are of beauty and love and the eye of the man that does not see, is the sadness in the Mothers heart that can be neither felt nor seen.

Your heart is the key that opens up the connection with all that is, for there is no greater power than the power of love. When you connect the love with the Creator you will feel the power within and know that there is no other love of life like it. Compassion for all will bring you the unified world and creation of the unified world. There can be no other way of creating the connection to all that is. This is now, the time to open all hearts and allow the loving energy of the Mother and Father to connect. The unification has begun and for those who have opened and made the connection it is your responsibility to carry this forward and continue the process of all that is.

Peace, compassion and understanding enables the love to flow from man to man and with it a chain reaction that will flow like the river. The cleansing of the water will wash the hands of time, forgiving the past that has now become the present. The seasons will come and go and time will be of no significance for the only importance now is now.

The heart will lead the way; the head will have no option but to concede to the new ways. The land will begin to awaken to the tests of time and all will become clear as you watch and learn from the ones who have passed. They hold the knowledge of time and have completed many tasks and tests. They are the minds of great warriors, who now return to teach us the way forward. There is no distinction between creed and race, they have created the path as one consciousness and their voices are ready to be heard.

They will sing from the mountains, through the wind and their voices will be carried to the corners of the earth. Listen to the inner voice and follow the guidance of the ancients, for you are ready to speak and your initiation is now complete. The world opens its arms to you and shares the hearts of many. Your heart is ready to connect with the One and it is time to complete the final stage of oneness.

Sit, be still and open your heart, feel the waves of love touch every part of your being and receive the connection of all, now.

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