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What Lies Ahead

What Lies Ahead ©

Written by Nicola Farmer & The Collective Consciousness – 21.12.11

What lies ahead of these precious times?

There are many theories amongst learned friends and their interpretation of their thoughts and feelings are right in their own way. The theories all lead to one place in this time of change and unpredictable cycles in the earth’s evolution. The cycles began with the creation of all time and they have evolved with man’s creation of much sorrow and joy. The ever increasing cycles of your world are accumulating to the pinnacle of the very world you have created. There will be what we can only describe as pain and destruction. This has been created by the unified feelings of all mankind. The world that has been created was not the world that was intended by God.

He gave man free will to make his own place in history and this, unfortunately, has become one of greed and sadness.
It is now time for man to take responsibility for his creation. With the help of each other you can co-create a unified world where you can all live together in peace and harmony. Where there are no borders, no lustful leaders and no poverty and hunger amongst mankind. The co-creation must and will be led by the heart of man, the love of God and the co-creation of Mother Earth.

When man realises that there is one unified God in each person then the religious wars will cease. When man recognises that land cannot be owned by collective groups and that it is the free will of all to walk your earth without restrictions then there will be earth unity and when man opens his heart and recognises his fellow man with the grace, understanding and tolerance then there will be harmony amongst all.

You were created from the seed of life, your world is the seed of life and without these seeds there is no life. Co-creation will enable the seeds of life to grow amongst you and bring your world the growth of love.

Love can be seen amongst the understanding and there are those of you who love and work in your hearts. This needs to be the work and understanding of all. God resides in each of your hearts and the recognition of this will open the hearts of all. There is no need to preach to people, there is no need to convert those who do not understand. All we ask is that you all lead by example. You have been chosen as leaders and there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of those who accepted the challenge. Your hearts are full of love of the Father and the Mother and you are the unified example to others.

Your work has now begun to accelerate and you will now be noticing an urgency to reach the masses and many of you are asking us how to do this. You will be guided in the right direction when it is your turn. There are those who push themselves forward and those who lag behind. Where you stand in this spectrum is of no relevance. Your lights are all equal and your guidance, in accordance with Universal Law, will be delivered in the ways that will be understood by you.

We are all aware that times are difficult and your journeys are sometimes difficult and tiresome. We are assisting you with every step that you take and will be always grateful for even the smallest of steps. Be patient and we will enable your steps to gain great pace. Every breath that you take will breathe life into your world.

This is the time to regroup and pull all resources together. For those who have been feeling held back this is your time for personal regrouping. Your tasks ahead are of great magnitude and importance, so again we ask for patience. This is your lull before the very powerful and amazing storm.We have great admiration for you and all your fellow lightworkers and the time is nigh. The year ahead will enlighten many hearts and minds and your part in the process will reap many rewards. We hear you say that rewards are not necessary but remember that the balance is of great importance. So for as much as you give it is now your time to receive with the grace of God.

Maintain your stance and do not allow your world or fellow man to divert your concentration away from the tasks in hand. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the love of Spirit for your unceasing work and for the future of your world.
God Bless

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