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Children play very big roles in our lives and their importance is paramount as they are


There are 3 Sections to this page REIKI for Children, Indigo Children and Exercise

I have dedicated this page to children so that we can assist them in their development both physically and emotionally. Their can be no distinction between the physical and emotional body as they are equally important to a childs wellbeing. The following information and links may assist you in making the right choices for your children.




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REIKI for Children

Please read the explanation of this technique on my Reiki Healing page. It is a very powerful healing method for children and can assist them with physical and emotional problems. The following link will take you to this page.


This is a fascinating and extensive subject and can make a huge difference in the handling of your child/ren. Please read the following information;

Indigo Children represent a special breed if individuals who have come to eaarth to make a difference. They’re here to change our political, educational, nutritional, family and other systems. They’re also here to help all of us reach our potential by becoming more natural and more intuitive.

Earlier generations were given the intuitive message “Change the government, heal the world”. They started out in that direction but allowed apathy and family responsibilities to discourage and distract them. The Indigo Children won’t let the same thing happen, unless we drug them into submission that is.

Yet, there are some people who resent the change that these children represent. Since you can’t force Indigo Children to do anything, they see coercion as a form of dishonest manipulation, drugging them is being used as an insidious method of making the Indigo Child “fit in”.

Indigo Children are often labelled ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But these children aren’t disordered – the world they’re trying to fit into is! It’s filled with unnaturalness and dishonesty. These children aren’t equipped with the ability to dissociate and lie to themselves. They’re incredibly telepathic and have too much integrity to betray themselves. Indig Children are healthy role models for all or us.

Perhaps ADHD stands for:

Dialled into a

ADD means “add to the world”

Gifted and ADHD children share many similar characteristics, including high IQ’s, creativity and a penchant for risk-taking. The only difference is that the gifted child finishes projects they start.

Indigo Children are young eccentrics who make their own rules and live by their hearts and wit. Dr David Weeks, Royal Edinburgh Hospital conducted interviews of 1,100 eccentrics and found they shared three primary characteristics;

A strong will
A good sense of humour
A creative imagination

They also have fewer health problems than the general population and live longer. He also found that “eccentrics tend to be cheerful, idealistic and full of projects to improve or save the world” So there are many pluses to being an eccentric. He concluded that eccentrics “share an overriding curiosity that drives them forward and often makes them oblivious to the small irritations and stresses of daily life that plague the general population”. Indigo Children and eccentrics are too busy dreaming up ways to save the world to be bothered with making their beds!

Indigo Children know that they’re different from the majority. Fortunately there are enough Indigos right now so that they can form peer groups at school. This social group can form a buffer to ease the pain of being teased or reprimanded for being different. Without this social support from friends and family, sensitive Indigo Children may believe that something is wrong with them. This can lead to acting out or becoming highly introverted.

Indigo Children feel old when they’re born. In some ways, they know a lot more than adults, yet they have limited opportunities to express their gifts because of time and money constraints in the educational system. School and homework take up a whole day – and doesn’t pay them a penny!

Indigo Children are highly creative and they think outside the box. This style of thinking has created many of the worlds breakthrough inventions. Yet, if it’s not understood and properly channelled, the Indigos brilliance may lead to a diagnosis of ADD of ADHD. Many researchers believe that Einstein, Edison, da Vinci and other great thinkers would have been labelled with ADD.

Although Indigo Children learn and act differently it doesn’t mean that they’re any less intelligent. Dr Jane Healy, author of Endangered Minds stated that IQ scores are up among students today, compared to prior generations of students. These Indigo Children are no dummies, it’s just that their overall IQ score reflects a shift, with higher scores in non-verbal intelligence ratings and a dip in the verbal skills department. But, since the IQ ratings are derived from combining nonverbal and verbal skills, the overall ranking is higher today than ever before.

However, you may not see evidence in the Indigo Children’s school reports, instead their brilliance shines through in high scores in video games, in creating gorgeous beaded necklaces or memorizing every word to their favourite songs.


Artistically – Musically – Emotionally

Indigo Children are right brain side dominant, their gift is in the creation as apposed the study (left side of brain).

e.g. An Indigo Child may fail in the music class because he/she can’t memorize the musical scales but after school, at home, they might compose a beautiful piece of music on their musical instrument, using their inner senses. In the same way a child may doodle instead of listening to the teacher. But take a look at the child’s doodling, you’ll often discover intricately detailed artwork.

Indigo Children are also emotionally gifted. They are often “street corner psychologists” to other children, lending sympathetic ears and wise advice. Your child may have a collection of rag-tag friends but they are really their “psychologists” child’s caseload of clients.

Indigo Children are highly sensitive in many ways. They are highly aware of others’ thoughts and feelings all of the time. Their sensitivity is attuned to two main areas:

1 Truth and Integrity

 Indigo Children are highly sensitive to lies or any  type of lack of integrity in others.

2 Environmental Toxins

 Indigo Children are “natural children in an unnatural  world”. Many immune systems (physically and  emotionally) aren’t able to cope with toxins in food,  water, air, toiletries, cleaning supplies, artificial  lighting and relationships. Scientists have discovered  huge links between ADHD and environmental toxins.


1. Strong willed
2. Born in 1978 or later
3. Headstrong
4. Creative, with an artistic flare for music, jewellery making, poetry etc.
5. Prone to addictions
6. An “old soul” as if they were 13 going on 43
7. Intuitive or psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people
8. An isolationist, either through aggressive acting out or through fragile introversion
9. Independent and proud, even if they’re constantly asking for money
10. Posses a deep desire to help the world in a big way
11. Wavers between low self-esteem and grandiosity
12. Bores easily
13. Has probably been diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD
14. Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares or difficulty/fear of falling asleep
15. Has a history of depression or even suicidal thoughts or attempts
16. Looks for real, deep and lading friendships
17. Easily bonds with plants and animals

There are varieties of blue amongst Indigo Children, who will assume diverse roles in the New Age of Peace. Some will be Leaders; others will be Researchers, Healers, Supporters and Teachers.

If your child responds to 14 or more of the above they are most likely to be an Indigo Child.

11 – 13 they are probably and Indigo Child in training.

If you are an adult relating to the above you were a one of the first forerunners of the Indigo Children. You’re title is Lightworker.

As you can see this is a very extensive subject, having worked with parents of Indigo Children and the children themselves there is a lot to be gained by knowing more about this subject.

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